Earn BTRST by contributing to the network and referring clients and talent.
The Braintrust token (BTRST) is the core incentive mechanism given to users for building, curating, and improving the network.
Examples of this include building out a talent profile (work history, reputation, skill certifications, etc.), referring new talent, referring new clients, and helping to vet and curate the talent pool.
Note: BTRST tokens do NOT represent equity, debt, a claim on profits, or dividends and does not constitute any financial instrument of any business or organization.

Braintrust Connector Program

The Braintrust Connector program is designed for users that are interested in earning BTRST tokens for referring clients and talent to build the Braintrust network.

Refer Clients to the Braintrust Network

The Braintrust Connector Program is our client referral program. It is one of the main ways we add new clients and grow the network. Anyone can sign up to be a Connector and immediately start introducing their network to Braintrust. When a client you refer starts hiring on Braintrust, you earn 2% of their billings, paid in our BTRST token (capped at a value of $10k per account). We believe that giving ownership to the people who help build our community will ultimately increase the project’s value and help keep our members active and engaged.
Braintrust | The First User-Controlled Talent Network
How do I become a connector? Click the link to learn more.

Refer Talent to the Braintrust Network

Earn 1% of future earnings in BTRST for anyone who signs up through your link. Your unique referral link can be found on your Braintrust dashboard.
Find your unique referral code on your Braintrust dashboard home page.
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