Braintrust Bounties
Bounties are small projects.
Bounties are project-based, usually smaller gigs, but some projects treat them as larger initiatives. Braintrust bounties are smaller tasks currently shared on the Braintrust Discord server.

Past Braintrust Bounties

#animated-server-bounty: Create a customized animated icon and personalized banner for the Braintrust Discord Server. Submissions must incorporate the Braintrust Brand Guidelines. The winning submission will be implemented as the official Braintrust Discord Server banner. The winner submission was granted 100 BTRST.
The winner for the #animated-discord-banner bounty was created by peterblockman#8582
#article-bounty: Write an article (min 750 words) about the significance of Tiger's and Coatue's investment in Braintrust and what it means to web3. Post to a public web forum: Medium,, substack, etc. The following three article submissions were voted as the winners and the submission authors were granted 66 BTRST.
Check out the EARN section on Discord for current bounties.
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